Current Position

    CEO and Founder

    Adviser: Dentsu Psychological Lab, Dentsu Inc.
    Investigative committee: Committee to examine elemental technologies of neural engineering in The Institute of Electrical Engineering of Japan
    Marketing Strategist: Japan Marketing Literacy Association
    Visiting researcher: Graduate School of Information Science & Technology, Osaka University

Work Experience and Education

  • 2014/2-Present CEO and Founder
  • 2013/11-2014/1 General Manager
      NTT DATA Institute of Management Consulting, Inc.
  • 2012/8-2013/10 Director of Neuroscience
      Neurofocus, The Nielsen Company Japan
  • 2012/9-Present Visiting researcher
      Graduate School of Information Science & Technology, Osaka University
  • 2010/4-2012/7 Postdoctoral Fellow
      Samejima Lab, Brain Science Institute, Tamagawa University
  • 2007/4-2010/3 Research Associate
      Perception and Emotion Research Group,
      Human and Information Science Laboratory
      NTT Communication Science Laboratories
      Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation(NTT)
  • 2007/3 Ph.D in Engineering
      Department of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies,
      Graduate School of Engineering,
      The University of Tokyo
  • 2004/1 M.S in Biomedical Engineering
      Department of Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering,
      Boston University
  • 2000/3 B.A in Physics
      Department of Physics, Faculty of Science,
      Tokyo University of Science


  • Master of the Marketing Strategist in Japan Marketing Literacy Association
  • Housing Environment Coordinator for Elderly and Disabled People
  • Expert Advisor for Assistive Technology
  • Licenses of Electrical Worker in First-class (expectant) and Second-class
  • Teaching Licenses
      in Mathematics for High School
      in Science for High School
      in Mathematics for Junior High School
      in Science for Junior High School

Extracurricular Activities

+ Present

+ Past